• The RaMOANa Experience, live from Sarasota, Florida Tuesdays at 11 am Pacific

  • The Matt Show live from Columbus, Ohio Wednesdays at 5 pm Pacific

  • Bigfry's Diner, live from Beach Park, Illinois, Fridays at 7 pm Pacific

  • Big Bob's Memory Lane Show, live from Sterling Heights, Michigan, Saturdays at 6 am Pacific

  • Vinyl Casserole with Eric Wincentsen, live from Ahwatukee, Arizona, Sundays at 12 Noon Pacific

  • Steve Jarrott, live from Clearwater, Florida, Weekdays at 7 am Pacific

  • Wolfman Devil's Rock and Roll Palace, live from Reno, Nevada, bi-weekly Saturdays at 5 pm Pacific

  • Party Anthems with Mykee T almost live from New Romney, UK, Saturdays at 2 pm and 10 pm Pacific

  • The Big Joe Show, live from Kansas City, Kansas, Tuesdays at 6 pm Pacific

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UHD Radio UHD Radio
Landscape Player 1080p Landscape Player, press F11 (Windows) or command-control F (OS X) for full-screen mode.

Click one of the UHD Radio logos to open the Max Radio.CA 5.1 Surround Sound HLS player in its own window.

In-line UHD Radio 5.1 surround sound HLS player with ID tags and album art: 

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Max Radio.CA UHD Radio HLS Surround Sound is powered by: